Over the hills and through the trees, there is a distant melody, echoing through the forest and seeping into the ears of curious listeners everywhere. Lily and the Lion have entered in a world of fantasy to create songs that would allow one to embrace every breath, feel their heart pump, and let their imagination run wild. The musical duo was formed by Betsy Usher, who has taken the lead songwriting/vocals and is the driving force behind this magical endeavor.

Betsy’s creative imagination and musical talent has brought the vision of Lily and the Lion to life. Tommy Dill has been collaborating with Betsy for the last five years in various musical projects so forming Lily and the Lion with Betsy seemed like the next natural step.

Tommy is the instrumental and imaginative producer, taking Betsy’s songs and turning them into the songs you hear today. The goal of Lily and the Lion is to be able to create a music library off all different styles of music into two artists with the capability to go from Rock to Country, Dance to indie music. Together, Lily and the Lion bring their unique, heartfelt music to the masses, and strive to have the attention of both fantasy gurus and music lovers alike.

Email: LilyAndTheLionMusic@yahoo.com (323) 333-7560
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